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Hello, My name is Babette Cole and I write and illustrate children’s picture books.

Babette Cole

Babette Cole (born 10 September 1950) is one of the world’s best loved writers and illustrators of Children;s Picture Books..

She has created more than 150 picture books and her best-seller Doctor Dog has been adapted as a successful children’s cartoon T.V. series.

Famous for her wacky sense of humour most of her work is comedy like The Smelly Book, The Hairy Book, The Slimy Book and The Silly Book and many more.

Babette Cole was born on Jersey in the British Channel Islands. She attended the Canterbury College of Art (now the University for the Creative Arts) and received a BA Honours 1st class with distinction in animation.

She is a fellow of KIAD. She worked with Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate creating children’s BBC TV programs such as Bagpuss .. Her work has been widely televised on BBC Jackanory. CBeebies ,Channel 4 and Sky TV.

Babette’s Best Sellers

  • Mummy Laid an Egg sold 2.5 million copies world wide in 72 different languages
  • Princess Smartypants sold 35,000 copies in 32 different languages
  • Dr Dog sold 36,000 copies in 25 different languages and was a successful TV series from France Annimation.www.moonscoop.com
  • The Trouble Withs sold 40,000 copies world wide.

She lives in Devon. Her latest book, published by Mabecron Books July 2014, “The Wildest West Country Tales of James Rabbit and the Giggleberries” recently featured in Guardian Newspapers on line Gallery, is already being reprinted.

Mummy Laid An Egg!

At time of update here (April 2015), she is at present illustrating Enid Blyton’s ,The Famous Five (Five on a Treasure Island) for Hodder Children’s Books to mark the 70th Anniversary of Enid Blyton.

She currently spends her time writing and illustrating ,visiting schools , lecturing and running her small stud farm www.devonshirestud.co.uk

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About Babette Cole! — 3 Comments

  1. Hello my name is Jawad Hussain I go to St James Primary School I am in Year 2 and i really enjoy your books my favorite books are Princess Smarty-Pants and Bad Habits. The next book I am reading in school is called: Babette Cole’s Brother i am looking forward to reading it!! PLEASE WRITE SOME MORE BOOKS


  2. My name is Emily I like the unicorn princess I like the pictures and I am half way through the book.i I bring the book to everything.

    • Dear Emily

      So pleased you like Unicorn Princess.

      It is my favorite of all my books as well.

      There are four books in the Fetlocks Hall series. If you would like any books signed by me to you one can always order them from my website here.

      Keep reading!

      Love from Babette Cole

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